The Art Studio of John Healey and Ema Tanigaki

photography, optical glass, fine wire jewelry, bronze baskets and other mixed media

Healey Studio LLC • 416 Aspen Ave NW • Albuquerque, NM 87102 • (505) 765 5555  email addresses

Healey Studio is the combination of forces of the artists John Healey and Ema Tanigaki

We are a multi-faceted studio and do not limit ourselves to one type of media or expression. The term that we hear on occasion is that we are "renaissance" people. Or more simply put, we are not "normal" artists. To that we say, "normal is highly over-rated and life is short, why waste it doing the same thing over and over?"

The common thread through all our endeavours is that we are always curious, always interested in learning, and are obsessed by doing whatever we are doing to the best possible level of achievement. This can make us difficult to deal with on a frequent basis, but does make good chemistry to produce outstanding art.

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Healey Studio is a Hahnemuhle Certified Studio

AND Introducing Healey Certified Studio - Hahnemühle Certified Studio Services

Healey Studio will offer the finest quality digital archival printing and print preparation services to select clients. In January 2014 Healey Studio became a Hahnemühle Certified Studio.

Healey Studio in Albuquerque, New Mexico is the only Hahnemuhle Certified Studio outside the East Coast, West Coast and the Chicago region. Please visit: for more information including the pricing and policies for our museum quality archival pigment prints.

A tiny history of Healey Studio

The Studio started back in the 70's on Elmwood Ave in Buffalo, NY . It was called Elmwood Gallery back then. Originaly Elmwood Gallery was a gallery and showed the works of emerging artists such as Howard Werner and established artists such as Imogene Cunningham. John worked as a professional photographer, dabbling in everything from fine art photography, investigative photography, weddings, nudes, fashion and celebrity photography.

In the 80's John became more invoved in glass and started his path towards glass sculpture. Initially John worked in stained glass and beveled glass before transitioning fully into three dimensional sculptural works. In 1990 Ema added her more scientific mind to the mix and the technology of optical glass and laminations began to develop rapidly.

In 1997 Ema became a partner and we became Healey Studio LLC, still in Buffalo NY. At the end of 1999 John, Ema and the studio moved to Albuquerque, NM. In 2005 John and Ema were married and continue to work together and individually on many varieties of creative works.

The name John Healey seems to be uncommonly common, especially with photographers. Please do not confuse our work with the other John Healeys, John Healys, Healey Studios, or Healy Studio(s). We are Healey Studio, the studio of John L Healey, photographer and glass sculptor.

Fortunately Ema Tanigaki remains a fairly unique name and is not so easily confused, as long as one spells it correctly. Yes, only one m in Ema. Thank you!